22 May 19 Rating:

Logan’s tall, muscular body wraps around Riley as they kiss and caress each other’s arms and legs. The handsome man delicately embraces his toned, jock lover, all while Spencer carefully captures each tender moment on camera.

08 May 19 Rating:
Tags: beards

Drew is a total exhibitionist and flirt. He’s worked hard on his body and loves to give guys a look at what he’s got. His lean, toned body is punctuated by a perfect, round ass, rock hard abs, and a big, stiff cock.

24 Apr 19 Rating:

Logan slides his cock in Spencer’s hole, feeling it wrap around his raw veiny cock down to the base. The muscle master feels a primal calling to fuck and breed seeing his submissive bottom positioned perfected to take his load.

10 Apr 19 Rating:

Spencer's anonymous fuckhole fantasy continues as Logan keeps him in the dark about his identity. Lying on his back with legs through a dark curtain, Spencer opens himself up to whoever's around to claim his hot ass.