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Fresh off their newly minted brotherly hook up, but still waiting for their parents to officially tie the knot, Calvin Chambers and Paul Canon now find the annoying neighbor boy, Dakota Young knocking at their door.

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Hunter and I have recently discovered the thrill of being blindfolded whilst getting fucked. There’s something highly erotic and intense about not knowing who’s inside you. And, of course, when you’re the one who gets to pick who’s gonna fuck your buddy, there’s an added element of excitement.

Brogan’s muscle daddy chest feels right at home to Mikah. As he rests his head on the smooth, broad pec, he can’t resist taking a hard nipple in his mouth, sucking on it as the beefy top’s cock swells up. Seeing Mikah nuzzle on him made him so happy and horny.

Logan Carter is an absolute dream hunk. Tall, toned, and tattooed, he embodies classic, all-American masculinity. His scruffy beard doesn’t distract from his sweet, green eyes, only reinforcing his manly square jaw.

Jason is blindfolded and getting nailed from behind by a big, bareback dick with low hangers. Hunter’s hairy and thickly muscled frame makes Jason’s ass bounce as he slams into the bottom’s hole.

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