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Straight boy Michael Del Rey finds himself accidentally booked at a gay resort next to vacationing couple Dakota Young and Scotty Zee. Dakota introduces himself to Michael out by the pool, and as they're talking, Michael compliments gay guys on being so open. He wishes girls were the same.

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Strawberry blond stud Spencer Daley has a thin sheen of sweat covering his bare torso. He’s standing shirtless in the gym, getting his pump on and showing off his muscles for the lucky cameras.

Logan is blindfolded on his knees in front of Jason, while Calvin stands to the side with a video camera. Jason drops his pants and gets his cock in Logan's mouth. Logan is a lean guy and a talented cock sucker. He doesn’t need his hands to get Jason moaning.

Twink boy Mikey Knight strokes his cock alone in his room and decides to include a big dildo in his fun. He’s teasing his hole and is about to shove it in when he’s caught by Jason Sparks, who offers to join him along with his buddy Connor Taylor.

Kyle Steele is teasing his cock through his open robe, moaning quietly as it responds to his touch. Adding some spit to his hand, he starts tugging on his dick, and when he’s fully erect, his hips start bucking slowly.

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