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Brenner Bolton likes this local haunt because it's usually pretty easy to pick up here, but today the place seems particularly empty, which has him kind of bumming.

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Riley is blindfolded, and there's a sheet between him and the man behind him. Lucky for him, the guy working his ass is Logan Carter, who knows a thing or two about pleasing anonymous cum dumps like Riley Ross.

Oliver can’t get enough jock cock. He loves feeling thick, meaty, muscular thighs, a round ass, and a firm, wide chest when he’s making out. Spencer, luckily, fits the bill quite well. With Spencer’s blond hair, boyish good looks, and athletic frame, Oliver has found his dream man!

Logan lies on his back with his eyes covered. All that’s left of his Spartan costume are his leather wrist cuffs and armored belt. His jockstrap keeps his cock in place until Calvin slides his bare cock deep inside.

Halloween is a bit of a bust this year... There’s nowhere to go and nothing to do, but that doesn’t keep these studs from having a little fun! Alpha top, Hunter Blake, has a throbbing cock, nuts full of seed, and needs a hot hole to fill up!

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