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Sean Duran


Sean & Riley Chapter 1

Sean is an intensely horny top with a drive to breed like no other! He loves the feeling of pumping his alpha load into a hungry hole and is always looking... [read more]

Sean & Riley Chapter 2

Riley squirms as Sean takes total possession of his hole, filling it with a long, thick dildo. The bubble butt bottom moans as the toy grinds up against... [read more]

Sean & Riley Chapter 3

Riley’s hole may still be glazed from Sean’s previous load, but that only spurs on the hungry, tatted, muscle dom as he feasts on his bottom’s ass.... [read more]

Sean & Logan Chapter 1

Sean has plenty of experience being an alpha dom top. He’s been filmed countless times bringing hot men to heel with his rugged good looks, broad muscles,... [read more]

Sean & Logan Chapter 2

Sean pushes his amply muscled ass out for Logan to devour, feeling his tongue lap over his sphincter again and again. With his eyes covered and his hole... [read more]

Sean & Logan BAREBACK Chapter 3

Sean Duran strokes his cock as Logan Carter slides a lubed up dildo to his hole. He can’t see him or the toy, but he can feel the object penetrate his... [read more]

Sex Party in Atlanta

For some men, the chasing for a sex partner is part of the thrill. For others, they love the simple, straightforward atmosphere of a good old fashioned... [read more]

Sean, Mason, Mikey and Jeremy

Slamming your dick into a spunk-filled hole is as hot as it is ultra sleazy. Sean and Mikey have had a pretty busy night, but, despite shooting multiple... [read more]

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