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JJ Thorne

JJ & Logan BAREBACK Chapter 3

Logan’s massive body completely eclipses JJ’s as the two grab each other and kiss. The leaner bottom feels his heart practically burst in his chest... [read more]

JJ & Logan BAREBACK Chapter 2

Riley closes in on the swelling loins of his horny models, Logan Carter and JJ Thorne. JJ can’t keep his lips off of Logan’s hot body, melting in his... [read more]

JJ, Logan & Riley BAREBACK

Riley and Logan head out on a brisk fall afternoon for a little walk, bringing their camera along in the hope of finding some sexy men for their videos.... [read more]


J.J. and Spencer start out this scene making out already naked, J.J. is the first to get on his knees and suck Spencer's big fat cock. It isn't long though... [read more]