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Spencer & Jason BAREBACK

Daddy Jason took one look at Spencer's creamy white ass and knew immediately what he wanted to do. He wanted to shove his raw cock so deep inside that... [read more]

Kyle & Jason BAREBACK

Daddy Jason likes nothing better than a big raw boy fucking his ass. Kyle likes to please his daddies so he is keen to comply and ensure that Jason's ass... [read more]

Renly & Jason BAREBACK

Being versatile in any situation is a good thing. Finding someone who is a versatile as you in a fucking situation is hot as you get your cock and your... [read more]

Torin & Jason BAREBACK

Torin and Jason are fucking around in LaFayette. They suck each other's cocks and then prezel up into a 69 so they can suck and rim simultaneously. Torin's... [read more]

Gunnar & Jason BAREBACK

Jason swallows down Gunnar’s lengthy cock at his fuckpad in Atlanta. The blonde, bearded stud watches as the muscle daddy takes him down to his nuts.... [read more]

Jason & Chris BAREBACK

Jason sucks on Chris' girthy rod as the two fool around in their Baton Rouge bed. The young stud watches his big cock fills Jason's mouth, getting harder... [read more]

Roman & Jason BAREBACK

Jason wraps his hand around the back of Roman’s neck, caressing him and holding him in place as they make out in their San Antonio room. The handsome... [read more]

Derek & Jason BAREBACK

Derek is a lean, handsome stud! He is exactly what Jason loves in a young top; a hung cock, bubble butt, and a beautiful face. Jason salivates over his... [read more]

Jason, Hunter & Calvin Chapter 1

Jason and his roommate have a very open, honest relationship! What with all the porn shoots and hot guys coming in and out, they know exactly what each... [read more]

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