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J.J. and Spencer start out this scene making out already naked, J.J. is the first to get on his knees and suck Spencer's big fat cock. It isn't long though... [read more]

Sebastian & Declan BAREBACK

Two sexy slim boys who love to fuck raw writhe on the bed with lips locked. Declan's exceptional oral skills are put to work as he sucks Sebastian's cock... [read more]

Ryan & Brogan BAREBACK

Ryan's perfect ass is about to be annihilated by Brogan's raw cock. Watching those pert mounds writhe as Ryan is a top of Brogan's muscled frame is pure... [read more]

Ivan & Torin BAREBACK

Ivan has a tight young ass that needs to be fucked. Hairy boy Torin has his eyes on the prize as he chows down on that tight hole with his tongue. Torin... [read more]

Brandon & Joey

Joey has a big dick and Brandon loves to suck cock. He licks and sucks that hard pole - swallowing it to the base and gagging on it's length. Joey grabs... [read more]

Zane & Cade BAREBACK

Zane's asshole tingles as Cade's tongue dances around his hole. As erotic as that was - when Cade's raw cock enters Zane's ass his eyes roll back in his... [read more]

Ryan & Ryan BAREBACK

Tattooed fuck pigs Ryan Powers and Ryan Lexington lock on each others lips and devour each other as the intoxication of lust takes hold. Ryan buries his... [read more]

Kai & Billy BAREBACK

Kai and Billy are boyfriends and it shows. The way they are so into each other and know just how to get the other off. The way they grab each other's hair... [read more]

Torin & Jason BAREBACK

Torin and Jason are fucking around in LaFayette. They suck each other's cocks and then prezel up into a 69 so they can suck and rim simultaneously. Torin's... [read more]

Simon & Landon BAREBACK

Simon sucks on Landon's long pole. The pale big dicked boy moans as his Simon licks his balls and deepthroats his dick. That raw cock wants to fuck ass... [read more]

Preston & Brogan BAREBACK

Two naked boys in a bed. Cocks quivering with anticipation as they kiss and rub their naked bodies against each other. Preston puckers his lips and swallows... [read more]

Reed & Benji BAREBACK

Get ready for Memorial Day with removing Benji's red white and blue shorts and getting a raw fuck into the celebration! Benji breeds a load of cum deep... [read more]