Sex Party in Atlanta

For some men, the chasing for a sex partner is part of the thrill. For others, they love the simple, straightforward atmosphere of a good old fashioned... [read more]

Connor & Greg

Starting with gentle kissing and caressing, the two became well acquainted in bed, stripping down to their jockstraps and feeling each other’s bodies.... [read more]

Logan & Calvin Chapter 2

Sometimes guys just need to do it! Sex for the sake of sex can be just what the doctor ordered. With that in mind, a group of guys have gathered in a hotel... [read more]

Jonathan & Brogan

Brogan loves nothing more than sitting back and getting his dick worshipped. And Jonathan is a devoted servant to his thick meat. Jonathan’s mouth bobs... [read more]

Scott & Spencer

Two horned-up, sexy guys hook up in a hotel in Atlanta. Spencer Daley is a blond, stocky, handsome young man. His partner today is Scott Bisset, a cute,... [read more]

Jaxon & Cade

Jaxon and Cade are two seriously sexy guys. They’ve hooked up in a hotel room in Albuquerque and are so into each other that they’ve bypassed the small... [read more]

Jason Spark Solo

Jason is known for putting the hottest guys on camera to see them get rock hard and cum. And while Jason is happy to sit in the director’s chair and... [read more]

Logan & Hunter

Hunter is a merciless top. He takes what he wants, which invariably is just what his insatiable bottoms craves. Logan is no exception to this rule. With... [read more]

Zack & Will

Zack Grayson is a notorious horn dog with a sexual appetite almost as big as his full lips and thick cock. With his model-good looks, smooth skin, shaggy... [read more]

Peter and Spencer Daley in Salt Lake City

Peter couldn’t wait to go back to Spencer’s room. The blonde beefcake was visiting Salt Lake City with hard cock on the mind, eager to see what this... [read more]

Brogan Reed and Matthew Rogers in Tucson

Brogan, is a handsome, beefy, muscled guy with cropped hair and light stubble on his face. The big guy is horny as hell for a hot fuck, eager to dump a... [read more]

Ryan Powers and Lee Buttons in Atlanta

Ryan met Lee in a crowded, fairly sleazy bar in Midtown Atlanta. It was a hot, sticky summer night and the two men instantly hit it off. It seemed clear... [read more]

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