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Rogan loves taking care of his body. He believes that part of being happy and healthy requires putting in a thorough workout, showing off his perfect body, and getting off as often as possible. He loves his body and knows how much others love it, too! And when Jason brings Rogan back in for a hot, solo session, he gives him the chance to blow off some steam and indulge after his hard workout...

Rogan pulls out his cock from his jockstrap, feeling it swell in his hands. He loves to look into the camera as he gets hard, thinking of all the people watching and worshiping his body. He runs his hands over his muscles, feeling them pumped up from the gym, aching to be touched and massaged.

Rogan shows off his perfect, bubble butt and smooth hole; proud of his backside, thinking of those who would do anything to give it a taste. He can’t help but leak pre-cum from his rock hard shaft as he puts on his show. Rogan is eager to shoot off his load, happy to know you’re watching him do it!