NextDoorRaw Update - Double Load Resort

Straight boy Michael Del Rey finds himself accidentally booked at a gay resort next to vacationing couple Dakota Young and Scotty Zee. Dakota introduces himself to Michael out by the pool, and as they're talking, Michael compliments gay guys on being so open. He wishes girls were the same. With a playful tap, Dakota suggests that Michael should try opening up some time.

Scotty has been taking a shower, and when Dakota comes back inside, he immediately starts sucking Scotty's freshly scrubbed cock. They're in full view of the pool, and since Dakota left the glass door open, Michael can see them having fun. The sight and sound of two gay guys getting it on makes Michael’s straight cock go rack hard in his trunks. Scotty notices, but when he mentions the guy at the window, Dakota tells him to lighten up and have some fun. Dakota catches Michael’s eyes as he’s kneeling over Scotty’s face and fucking his boyfriend’s mouth: Michael has his cock out against the glass, so Scotty invites him inside.

Whatever qualms the straight guy might have had about fooling around with other men melt away the minute Scotty’s mouth is on his cock. Dakota is standing right next to him, and Michael reaches over to stroke his curved dick. Soon, Dakota gets Scotty to lay on his back for the main event, and he starts making out with him as Michael pushes his huge raw cock into Scotty’s hole. But Scotty can’t have all the fun; Dakota rolls over to let Michael bareback his hole too, right next to his boyfriend.

The men enjoy each other in all kinds of positions, with everyone's cock getting attention in an orgy of fucking and sucking. Finally, after Scotty blasts Dakota’s hole with a huge load, Michael says, “Lemme put another load in him." He fucks Dakota hard before launching a load of cum across his ass, balls, and chest. Spent and happy, the straight guy realizes this is the best vacation ever.