Logan & Hunter Halloween Part 1

Halloween is a bit of a bust this year... There’s nowhere to go and nothing to do, but that doesn’t keep these studs from having a little fun! Alpha top, Hunter Blake, has a throbbing cock, nuts full of seed, and needs a hot hole to fill up!

Logan puts on a blindfold and his Spartan slave costume, ready for whoever wants to use him hard and raw. Hunter takes full advantage of the slender bottom’s willing, open hole, sliding his meat between his cheeks and intensely plowing into his prostate! Logan embodies the spirit of his costume, following the big man’s lead and working his shaft with his tight hole...

Without ever making eye contact, these two buddies get lost in their carnal desires, moaning and grunting as they get closer to climax, pushing their perfectly sculpted bodies to the limit before letting out an epic release!