Koda & Riley Chapter 1

Jason checks in with sexy stud Riley Ross; interviewing him about his interest to submit as an applicant for his private, exclusive sex club. Riley is no stranger to fucking and getting fucked, but he’s never bottomed for such a elite group of anonymous tops! He knows Jason only brings in the best of the best, so he’s more than happy to open his mouth and hole for their raw cocks and thick loads. When Koda comes in to be admitted as a top, a blindfolded Riley runs his hands over his chest and cock. He’s turned on by imaging who it might be and how it would feel to have them inside. Luckily, Riley doesn’t need to wait long to experience Koda’s hard cock up close. Shortly after Koda’s entrance into the sex club, Riley is on all fours with his mouth open, eagerly swallowing down his myserious top’s massive cock!