Brogan & Greg

Greg and Brogan meet in a hotel room in Denver. The chemistry is instantly intense. Both men are helpless to do anything but act on their intense desire to fuck.

They’re naked in seconds. Greg flings Brogan onto the bed, and throws himself on top of him, hungrily rocking and grinding himself over Brogan’s beautifully-sculpted body. The two men kiss like sex-starved animals.

Brogan, overcome with lust, switches places with Greg, violently thrusting his 8-inch cock against Greg’s pert ass cheeks. Greg pants eagerly before flinging Brogan once more onto his back. It’s almost as though the men are vying for supremacy, physically negotiating who will play which sexual role.

The kissing becomes more passionate, more desperate. The two men, itching for each other, breathe and gyrate in total unison, beads of sweat prickling on their skin, bodies perfectly entwined, like two key pieces in a well-crafted, erotic jigsaw puzzle.

Greg works his way down Brogan’s body, sensuously kissing every inch stopping to kiss the pierced nipples. His journey then takes him further and further south, right down to Brogan’s dick.

Greg delivers a talented blow job. Brogan gasps and swears in pure ecstasy, widening his legs and thrusting his dick deep into Greg’s mouth. Greg’s face reddens. He sucks hard and deep, desperate to please.

Seconds later, Brogan gets on all fours so that Greg can get his tongue between his smooth, muscular ass cheeks. Greg begins aggressively probing Brogan’s hole, making his body shake in wild anticipation while he preparesfor penetration.

Brogan flings Greg onto his back again and starts to suck his dick so that it’s rock hard and ready to fuck. Greg closes his eyes and embraces the immense pleasure. Brogan is a master when it comes to sucking.

Everything is pointing towards the inevitability of Greg topping Brogan, so it’s quite a surprise when Brogan spits on his own dick, and, with almost no fuss or ceremony, drives himself, raw, deep into Greg’s ass.

The fucking rapidly becomes fast and intense. Greg gasps, yells and grits his teeth as his hole is brutally torn apart. Brogan repositions himself to deliver even deeper thrusts, smiling wickedly at the prospect of going even harder. Moments later his balls are slapping against Greg’s ass making a hollow slamming noise.

Greg’s dick remains rock hard throughout, stiffening more and more the harder Brogan bangs.

A position change finds Greg on all fours with Brogan kneeling behind. This position enables Brogan to fuck even harder and faster. He’s completely in control. Greg is thrown all over the bed with every thrust, like a rag doll.

Brogan eventually pulls out and the two men kiss again as they regain their composure. Seconds later Greg pushes Brogan onto his back and climbs on top of him. Once again, the time has come for him to assert his dominance in this classic flip-flop encounter.

Brogan turns and squats on the bed. Greg’s impressive dick slowly works its way into Brogan’s super-tight ass. It takes some getting used to, but Brogan’s discomfort is of no interest to Greg; he’s now only focused on getting his rocks off as hard and as fast as he can manage.

It’s an almost desperate fuck. Brogan’s face is buried in a pillow while Greg climbs all over his back - unable to settle on one position, thrusting wildly, obsessively jamming himself into Brogan who’s now powerless to do anything but gasp.

The inevitable happens swiftly. Shaking wildly, Greg pulls his dick out of Brogan, simultaneously spraying his immense load all over Brogan’s crack and ass cheeks before pushing himself back inside as he catches his breath.

Brogan is not done fucking, though, so pushes the spent Greg onto all fours and starts to pulverize him! Brogan is right on the edge. He pulls out, holds his dick steady, then blasts jets of watery cum across Greg’s smooth back.