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Halloween Special

Jason brings Calvin and Hunter from over to the RawFuckBoys page as they get into the Halloween spirit with some costumed fun! Jason’s... [read more]

Koda & Riley Chapter 1

Jason checks in with sexy stud Riley Ross; interviewing him about his interest to submit as an applicant for his private, exclusive sex club. Riley is... [read more]

Scott & Logan Chapter 2

Logan is impressed with how his anonymous submissive’s mouth handles his thick cock, but he’s even more eager to try out his tight hole! Scott turns... [read more]

Sean & Riley Chapter 3

Riley’s hole may still be glazed from Sean’s previous load, but that only spurs on the hungry, tatted, muscle dom as he feasts on his bottom’s ass.... [read more]

Roman & Jason BAREBACK

Jason wraps his hand around the back of Roman’s neck, caressing him and holding him in place as they make out in their San Antonio room. The handsome... [read more]

JJ, Logan & Riley BAREBACK

Riley and Logan head out on a brisk fall afternoon for a little walk, bringing their camera along in the hope of finding some sexy men for their videos.... [read more]

Brandon & Brogan BAREBACK

Brandon runs his hands over Brogan’s firm, broad chest as the two passionately kiss in their private bed. The two young men are horned up from the summer... [read more]

Scott & Logan Chapter 1

Scott is a horny young bottom who loves nothing more than fooling around and getting off. It’s no surprise that he has to check out Jason Spark’s sex... [read more]

Sean & Riley Chapter 2

Riley squirms as Sean takes total possession of his hole, filling it with a long, thick dildo. The bubble butt bottom moans as the toy grinds up against... [read more]

Sean & Riley Chapter 1

Sean is an intensely horny top with a drive to breed like no other! He loves the feeling of pumping his alpha load into a hungry hole and is always looking... [read more]

Ethan & Cade BAREBACK

Ethan loves the feeling of Cade’s lips against his. The stud’s soft lips stand out against his hard, toned body, making him the perfect model of an... [read more]

A Sensual Seduction

Logan’s tall, muscular body wraps around Riley as they kiss and caress each other’s arms and legs. The handsome top delicately embraces his toned,... [read more]