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Seamus & Torin BAREBACK

Torin loves feeling Seamus nuzzle up to him like a playful little puppy. The scruffy ginger tugs on his cock as he kisses up his neck, getting his partner... [read more]

Sean & Logan BAREBACK Chapter 3

Sean Duran strokes his cock as Logan Carter slides a lubed up dildo to his hole. He can’t see him or the toy, but he can feel the object penetrate his... [read more]

Jason, Hunter & Calvin Chapter 3

Jason Sparks offers up his smooth hole to his roommate’s anonymous buddy, taking his bare cock and load while blindfolded. Check out the muscle daddy... [read more]

Drake & Ryan BAREBACK

Drake and Ryan look like they could be brothers. The two men are tall, lean, bearded, covered in tattoos and blessed with big, raging hard-ons! While they... [read more]

Logan & Riley Chapter 1

Masked Riley takes his time checking out the new top to Jason’s sex club, Logan Carter. Logan is a tall, muscular, handsome applicant with a huge cock... [read more]

Logan, Hunter & Calvin Chapter 2

Hunter loves having his cock sucked. But the way Logan takes it is unlike anything he’s ever experienced before! Seeing his meat disappear in the hungry... [read more]

JJ & Spencer BAREBACK Chapter 1

Spencer's smooth, firm body fits perfectly against JJ’s lean, athletic frame. The two horny studs are in peak physical shape and primed for some hot,... [read more]

Jason, Hunter & Calvin Chapter 2

Jason brings his blindfolded face to the edge of the bed, waiting for the stranger his roommate has invited in to unzip his pants. He doesn’t know how... [read more]

Logan, Hunter & Calvin Chapter 1

Hunter was jealous of Jason’s hot, anonymous skull-fucking. Watching his friend, Calvin, dominate his roommate’s mouth and cum down his throat, he... [read more]

Jason, Hunter & Calvin Chapter 1

Jason and his roommate have a very open, honest relationship! What with all the porn shoots and hot guys coming in and out, they know exactly what each... [read more]

Brogan & Kayden BAREBACK

Brogan and Kayden are insatiable as they heat up their St. Louis room! As Kayden wraps his arms around Brogan’s thick, muscular arms, he can feel his... [read more]


Mars works his body out hard! He spends his free time in the gym, eats right, and knows how to put on a little show with what he’s got... With his sweet... [read more]