Mars works his body out hard! He spends his free time in the gym, eats right, and knows how to put on a little show with what he’s got... With his sweet... [read more]

Sean & Logan Chapter 2

Sean pushes his amply muscled ass out for Logan to devour, feeling his tongue lap over his sphincter again and again. With his eyes covered and his hole... [read more]


Rogan loves taking care of his body. He believes that part of being happy and healthy requires putting in a thorough workout, showing off his perfect body,... [read more]

Cade & Owen BAREBACK

Cade is everything that drives Owen wild. A tall, strong body, beautiful blue eyes, smooth muscles, and a monster cock! The handsome model is known for... [read more]

JJ & Logan BAREBACK Chapter 3

Logan’s massive body completely eclipses JJ’s as the two grab each other and kiss. The leaner bottom feels his heart practically burst in his chest... [read more]

Mike & Brogan BAREBACK

Mike locks lips with smooth, muscle stud, Brogan, feeling his sexy daddy beard brush up against his chin. Brogan moans as his partner moves down his chest... [read more]

Scott & Logan Chapter 3

Logan strokes his cock as he feels his nuts swell up with cum. Staring down at Scott’s beautiful, smooth ass, Logan pumps himself up to pry deep into... [read more]

Koda & Riley Chapter 2

Riley breathes deep as Koda slaps his ass and fills it with a huge dildo. The dominant top loves seeing what Riley can take, knowing that he’s blindly... [read more]

Sean & Logan Chapter 1

Sean has plenty of experience being an alpha dom top. He’s been filmed countless times bringing hot men to heel with his rugged good looks, broad muscles,... [read more]

Derek & Jason BAREBACK

Derek is a lean, handsome stud! He is exactly what Jason loves in a young top; a hung cock, bubble butt, and a beautiful face. Jason salivates over his... [read more]

Justin & Brogan BAREBACK

Brogan’s muscular body sinks into the bed as horny twink, Justin, kisses him passionately. Justin strokes his cock and feels up Brogan’s broad, smooth... [read more]

JJ & Logan BAREBACK Chapter 2

Riley closes in on the swelling loins of his horny models, Logan Carter and JJ Thorne. JJ can’t keep his lips off of Logan’s hot body, melting in his... [read more]

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