Hunter, Calvin, Jason, and Logan

Hunter and I have recently discovered the thrill of being blindfolded whilst getting fucked. There’s something highly erotic and intense about not knowing... [read more]

Logan Carter Solo

Logan Carter is an absolute dream hunk. Tall, toned, and tattooed, he embodies classic, all-American masculinity. His scruffy beard doesn’t distract... [read more]

Jason, Hunter & Calvin Chapter 5

Jason is blindfolded and getting nailed from behind by a big, bareback dick with low hangers. Hunter’s hairy and thickly muscled frame makes Jason’s... [read more]

Ryan & Brogan

Ryan Cummings’ deepthroat skills have Brogan Reed up against the wall. Ryan looks up at him, trying to catch his breath, and tells Brogan to fuck his... [read more]

Spencer Solo

Strawberry blond stud Spencer Daley has a thin sheen of sweat covering his bare torso. He’s standing shirtless in the gym, getting his pump on and showing... [read more]

Logan, Calvin & Jason

Logan is blindfolded on his knees in front of Jason, while Calvin stands to the side with a video camera. Jason drops his pants and gets his cock in Logan's... [read more]

Mikey, Connor & Jason

Twink boy Mikey Knight strokes his cock alone in his room and decides to include a big dildo in his fun. He’s teasing his hole and is about to shove... [read more]

Kyle Solo

Kyle Steele is teasing his cock through his open robe, moaning quietly as it responds to his touch. Adding some spit to his hand, he starts tugging on... [read more]

Jason, Hunter & Calvin Chapter 4

Hunter Pratt knows a good fuck whe he sees one, and he knows he's lucky to be in the room when Calvin Blake barebacks a blindfolded Jason Sparks. Meanwhile,... [read more]

Logan & Riley Chapter 2

Riley is blindfolded, and there's a sheet between him and the man behind him. Lucky for him, the guy working his ass is Logan Carter, who knows a thing... [read more]

Oliver & Spencer BAREBACK

Oliver can’t get enough jock cock. He loves feeling thick, meaty, muscular thighs, a round ass, and a firm, wide chest when he’s making out. Spencer,... [read more]

Logan & Calvin Halloween Chapter 2

Logan lies on his back with his eyes covered. All that’s left of his Spartan costume are his leather wrist cuffs and armored belt. His jockstrap keeps... [read more]

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